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2014 DOUGHMAN Update


Dear John & Jane,

We know it's been a while since we've been in touch.  Life has been...complicated.  It's not you, it's us.  No, no -- you've been great.  Incredible, really, and we have been so lucky to know you and have your support these last 7 years.  What a run we've had!!  We've shared some incredible adventures and meals, and supported phenomenal charitable organizations.

Which makes this so hard to say, and (we know) not cool over the Internet.  But, we need to take a break.  Now, we're not talking a permanent break, just taking a year off.  We could really use some space... to find ourselves, reignite our passions.  To be a better race, for you.

Hear us out.  Science folklore says every cell in our body replaces itself every 7 years - and after 7 years the DOUGHMAN is ready to make a shift, too.  We're in the process of making big changes to the DOUGHMAN, which will require new faces on our organizing committee.  And for that, we need YOU -- your energy, ideas, and your time (which is a pretty big commitment) to remain the World's Premiere Quadrathlon.

So, instead of watching teams race through our beloved Bull City on May 24, we'll be hosting a little shindig that day.  We hope you'll join us to celebrate how far we've come and find out how you can be a part of helping us move on to the next leg of this race we call life and make the 2015 DOUGHMAN Bigger, Batter and Doughier than ever before!

Ever yours, 

The DOUGHMAN Organizers


It's never too early to start planning for next year.  We're in need of some dedicated volunteers to help plan the 2015 DOUGHMAN activities.  Please contact info[at]doughman[dot]org for ways you can be a part of this insane phenomenon!!

Stay tuned...


Here is a link to the 2013 DOUGHMAN race results: http://www.bullcityrunning.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Doughman-2013.pdf.


For general inquires, contact info[at]doughman[dot]org.

For media inquiries, contact communications[at]doughman[dot]org.

To be come a sponsor, contact sponsorship[at]doughman[dot]org.